Project Brief

Yewtree Gardening Services approached me with a proposal to build their new start-up gardening business a modern website that could be a base for clients to get in contact with Paul directly as well as a place to showcase his services, skills and have enough information to be a viable source of advertising.


With Yewtree Services requirements noted and taken into account, I worked out a viable concept for Yewtree Services where I could provide them with everything they needed in the time frame that they had available.

The concept was to design & develop Yewtree Services a modern, clean and minimalistic one-page website that included an easy to use navigation bar (featuring contact links) as well as a full-width photograph slider to promote their work along with interactive elements such as the services they offer. I also decided to add a fully functioning contact form into the website so that customers could easily get in contact with Paul as this would allow more potential clients to be converted to paying clients.


When Yewtree Services approached me, they were in the first stages of setting up their business and asked if I would be able to help them with their branding and identity. At the time they didn't have a logo, brand identity or colours, just their name and their slogan.

From here we worked with them to create them a logo that they were very pleased with while keeping the design in line with the same design language as the website. After this, we were commissioned to design Yewtree Services a set of flyers that they could distribute around their local area as well as some business and calling cards. We took their branding from the ground and built it up to fit seamlessly with all aspects of their brand identity, from logo to website, to business cards to flyers.

Yewtree Gardening Services Logo Design
Yewtree Services Identity - Rewinded


When planning and detailing their new brand identity I took it upon myself to create Yewtree Services a brand manual including all stages of design that they should follow. In this, I included the colour scheme I created for them. I chose to use my typical favorite colours when it comes to professional and sleek design, charcoal and white. Additionally, together we decided that we needed an accent colour, and what better colour to use than emerald with a gardening business.

  • Charcoal

    RGB: #D42326

  • Emerald

    RGB: #14A989

  • White



When I started planning and creating Yewtree Services website I planned out the main points of contact. The first point of contact is the top section of a webpage. With this in mind, I ensured I designed the site to grab the attention of potential clients and I did this by including a functional photograph slider to showcase their work, as well as including easy to use buttons and navigation as soon as the page loads up.

Additionally, I considered the demographic for typical garden maintenance. With this in mind, I made sure the website was optimized to run in slightly older versions of web browser software so that all potential clients, of any age range, would be able to access and use the site without any difficulty.

Yewtree Services Desktop Preview - Rewinded


A great design is nothing without compatibility across devices. If the site cannot be viewed at its best on any device, anywhere in the world than what is the use of good design? So we took the concept for Yewtree Gardening Services website and made sure that it was fully functional on all mobile devices, screen sizes, and platforms.

I set about custom designing each aspect of the web page so that all elements were fully functional and intractable on any platform, while the design played nicely with any screen size. I developed the menu to stay at the top of the webpage as with the site being a one-page design all information and forms could be easily found on mobile without needing a navigation constantly taking up screen real estate at the top of your device.

Yewtree Services Landscape Mobile Preview - Rewinded
Yewtree Services Mobile Preview - Rewinded


No matter the device the design always stays consistent. With the site being responsively optimized as well as optimized for desktop I was able to achieve a consistent design language for the brand, regardless of how their brand was being viewed.

  • Services - Yewtree Services - Rewinded
  • Contact Us - Yewtree Services - Rewinded


Once all planning, sketching and wireframing had been completed I set about developing the site to run quickly and with minimal load times. The site consists of a one page design and lots of code which was carefully written in the development process.

Yewtree Services - Rewinded
Paul / CEO, Yewtree Services

Since working with Rewinded we now have an online presence we are proud to promote. Adam worked with us right from the first call to make sure all of our requirements and desires were met as well as adding his own personal industry perspective to take our site and branding that one step further. We now run a successful business driving considerable work from our site while staying professional online.

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