Project Brief

Wise Move 4U approached me with the task of designing & developing them a website that would put them ahead of their competition. When Wise Move approached me they had a very basic website that wasn't functioning correctly and they needed a website that would have them respected in the industry and viewed as a serious player in the world of estate agents.


Wise Move 4U came to me with a few ideas on how they would like the site to look. The concept was to have a modern website that would include a left-hand sidebar navigation with full-screen photographs, page headers, professional and classic typography while keeping with their accent colour of navy blue.

I took Wise Move 4U requests and started working on a final concept that I could pitch to their management. I decided on a sophisticated navy blue as the accent colour along with features like smooth scrolling, high-quality photographs, quick page load times and a responsive design that would look beautiful on any screen size.


When Wise Move approached me, they had a very basic logo design and subpar brand identity that they wanted my help in changing that for them. I took to designing a logo with several aspects in mind.

Wise Move 4U had requested that the design be quite professional and corporate looking,w hile staying appealing to home owners and the typical house owner. Also, I knew that Wise Move would love to see a navy blue in the design. So that's what I went about creating. After a few revisions, I designed a logo to their liking with the colours and design language requested which increased their brand identity ten fold and has helped them be seen as a bigger player in their industry.

Wise Move 4U Logo Design
Wise Move 4u Identity - Rewinded


As previously mentioned, navy blue is Wise Move 4U signature colour. When designing the logo, business cards, and the site, navy blue was a common theme they requested to see. This colour goes well with white when creating professional designs, hence leaving the colour pallet with a sophisticated navy blue and a pearl white.

  • Navy Blue

    RGB: #002939

  • White



With the site design, I wanted to keep it as simple as possible for users to find what they need quickly. As part of the pre-production research into this project, I discovered how difficult and complicated other sites made it navigate around the site and I wanted to change that for Wise Move 4U. I developed a left side navigation menu that allows for easy navigation as all the options stay contained within the sidebar and they are clearly labeled.

Additionally, I wanted to make the site more eye catching than the competitor's sites. I designed & developed the site to use a balance of images (where approximate) colour and clear white to enhance the user experience & readability of text. Overall the site has a very good use of space and fits all the necessary content into the site while keeping page load times to a minimum.

Wise Move 4U Desktop Preview - Rewinded


As with all my client's websites, I ensure that the design is modern and responsive to keep up with the ongoing trend that is mobile devices becoming the prominent way to access the internet, specifically for websites.

Wise Move 4U works across all devices and screen sizes, containing the same content so the user experience can be greatly increased as they will not be missing any content that may have been exclusive to the desktop version of the site. I have also made sure that load times on mobile are very quick and responsive to enhance the user experience.

Wise Move 4U Landscape Preview - Rewinded
Wise Move 4U Mobile Preview - Rewinded


Wise Move's site was designed with ease of use, simplicity, and professionality in mind. I carried this over to the mobile design aspect to ensure the same design features were showcased on all different screen sizes.

  • Menu Navigation on Mobile - Wise Move 4U - Rewinded
  • About Us - Wise Move 4U - Rewinded


With the development process Wise Move didn't have a specific deadline or time frame, however, I ensured to complete and deliver the live website in a timely manner and had them up and running within a month.

Wise Move 4U - Rewinded
Rachael / CEO, Wise Move 4U

We are very pleased with the website Adam has created for us. He has taken the design ideas that we talked through with him and designed us a site just as we asked. Our new site allows us to compete in our industry, showing others that we are a professional company who know what we are doing.

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