Project Brief

SSS Telecom reached out to ask for my assistance in helping them develop an online presence that could represent them in the digital world. The brief was to create a simple, professional website that contained all the information someone looking for their services would need. So that's exactly what I created for SSS Telecom.


I started out by designing & developing a coming soon landing page for SSS Telecom which lead into a full web development job. The concept for their final website was to have a design that looked respectable and that worked across all devices, especially mobile. Another crucial part of the concept was the site needed to have a working contact and order form, as well as using images and graphics to their advantage.

With the concept of the design and essential features locked down, I then started to create the site to their needs, while keeping the purpose of the site in mind, to increase sales for their company.


SSS Telecom approached me when the company had only been established for a few months, however, they did not have a logo or any type of brand identity. They requested something modern but related to their company name.

I decided to take the three S's from the name and incorporate this into the design. The logo is made up of three S's put together in a pattern to make this symbol. Additionally, the light blue used fits the brief very well, it is a colour that looks very professional and trustworthy, and when paired with the logo creates the company a strong brand identity that stands out from the competition.

SSS Telecom Logo Design
SSS Telecom Identity - Rewinded


Colour is crucial to any brand identity and any design that is completed. Its always key to have a solid colour pallet outlined and agreed before any work is started as different colours work differently with each other. For SSS Telecom they wanted a pastel like sky blue color paired with the classic contrasting colours, charcoal and white to increase legibility and user experiences.

  • Charcoal

    RGB: #D42326

  • Sky Blue

    RGB: #7EC0EE

  • White



A great desktop experience for a website is crucial to the success of the site. With the internet in constant shift through devices and the rise of mobiles, the desktop is often overlooked. With SSS Telecom I ensured the desktop design was on point and looked just how SSS Telecom and I envisioned it.

The site was designed to fit with the typical conventions of a corporate site. I created a linear navigation bar with classic styling and easy access to the content that is the main focus of the site. Overall SSS Telecom and their customers are very pleased with the overall design & user experience that the site provides.

SSS Telecom Desktop Preview - Rewinded


As well as the desktop platform being crucial, so is a solid mobile platform. With SSS Telecom I ensured the mobile responsive version was an accurate representation of the full version of the site and all the information could be accessed easily with a just a few taps and swipes.

When designing for mobile, user experience and user interactivity is key to a good design. The users need to be able to quickly and easily access what they need whenever they want, as on mobile the next site or app is just clicks away. With SSS Telecom I made sure that I optimized for this on mobile and this can be seen through their analytics.

SSS Telecom Landscape Preview - Rewinded
SSS Telecom Mobile Preview - Rewinded


With the design process, SSS Telecom was involved heavily. I made sure to send over mock-ups of the progress of the site as well as hosting a live demo for the team to go through and confirm the design that I had created for them.

  • About - SSS Telecom - Rewinded
  • Products - SSS Telecom - Rewinded
  • Place an Order - SSS Telecom - Rewinded


With the development of the site, SSS Telecom allowed me to complete this within a fair time frame. I took the design and turned it into a fully functioning site in a few weeks. SSS Telecom was then able to promote the site and drive more sales due to the release of their new site.

SSS Telecom - Rewinded
Sam / CEO, SSS Telecom

Working with Rewinded was an absolute pleasure. Adam dealt with us from the first email until the project was complete and we are happy to say we continue to work with him due to the high quality of services, friendliness, and approachability of his personality. We approached him with a proposition to build us a website that would allow clients to view our services and to push our online presence as we didn't previously have one. As a startup, it was critical to use the web to our advantage and Adam helped us do that! I would happily recommend Adam and his services to anyone in need of quality digital products.

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