Project Brief

HNDRX are a Birmingham based nightclub who came to me with a proposal to create them an online presence from the ground up. They needed the site to be clean, modern and simple to use while having all the necessary features like booking and contacts forms to galleries and menus.


With this project, I wanted to create HNDRX a web platform that would last them for a long time into the future supporting all their current needs while we continue to grow and develop the website further as the nightclub itself grows.

To start HNDRX and I sat down and discussed exactly what they wanted and what they would rather avoid. From here the concept was born. HNDRX wanted a website that allowed people to book a booth and get in contact with them while it could also be a showcase of the nightclub itself and what drinks they have to offer. I then created mockups and wireframes of the site and got to work on how the site was going to look and function.


HNDRX is a brand new nightclub and first opened in May 2017. When the club started they a logo designer create them a logo for the club and had since had it printed on all types of marketing material from business cards to VIP passes. However, there was one problem. The previous designer had only supplied HNDRX with a low-quality JPG and this needed changing.

I took HNDRX brand identity and started recreating it piece by piece. To start with I took the logo and redesigned it in a vector imaging package, Adobe Illustrator. This allowed me to deliver HNDRX with a logo that could be scaled to any size and still look just as good as it would on A4 paper. Additionally, I created HNDRX a brand manual covering all their brand colours, fonts, sizes and design language choices so that in the future they can ensure all the design work fits in seamlessly with their new website, logo, and flyers.

HNDRX Logo Design
HNDRX Identity - Rewinded


When carefully creating HNDRXs brand identity I chose the colours I thought most appropriate. I opted for the classic, professional choice of a muted charcoal and a clear white. From here I wanted to include a bit of flare to the manual to ensure their future designs had some life to them. After speaking with HNDRX they requested a classy magenta to be their accent colour.

  • Charcoal

    RGB: #D42326

  • Magenta

    RGB: #800080

  • White



Having a site that looks beautiful on all screens is super important in today's day and age! From smartphones to huge 4K desktop monitors, a website needs to continue to look stunning no matter the platform. With the common desktop view, HNDRX's site has a fully featured sticky navigation bar which stays in the users reach at all times for quick and easy access.

The large photograph of the nightclub taken by ourselves compliments the site design as a whole and makes it pop! With this as the initial point of contact, it attracts people to continue browsing, while the straight forward and simple navigation makes it super easy for the user to get where they want to go, whether that's to check out the packages on the menu or to book a table for this weekend!

HNDRX Desktop Preview - Rewinded


As mentioned having a great looking website is one thing, but it must look good on all platforms, especially with over 60% of web users now accessing websites on their mobile devices. So we ensured that HNDRX's site worked seamlessly across all devices, with mobile being a huge priority.

We custom designed the mobile navigation to be easy to use and made sure that it stays at the top of the screen no matter how far the user scrolls down to ensure the ease of use of the site, improving the user experience.

HNDX Landscape Mobile Preview - Rewinded
HNDRX Mobile Preview - Rewinded


We started by taking the key aspects of the site and we re-worked the layout and features of the site to appear seamlessly on the mobile version of the site to minimize any confusion and reduce the learning curve that normally comes with navigating around a site that has been responsively optimized.

  • Events - HNDRX - Rewinded
  • Gallery - HNDRX - Rewinded
  • Book Now! - HNDRX - Rewinded


After thoroughly planning, designing and sketching how we wanted it to look, we took to our favorite development software and got to work making this site look beautiful on all screen sizes, from iPhones to large tablets and retina displays.

HNDRX - Rewinded

We approached Adam in hopes that he would be able to provide us with the digital services we needed for our new business. HNDRX needed a website creating, photographs taking and a logo creating. Adam handled all of this in a timely manner and we now have a fantastic website we are proud to promote, not to mention the photography and our new logo. I would recommend Adam and his services to any one in need of quality digital services & products.

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