Project Brief

In an age where media is consumed beyond its recognized platforms, BOA TV reached out to me to create them an online presence that would perfectly represent their brand and the people involved with their projects. The brief was to create a modern online digital platform that could be accessed by clients and viewers to consume content and reach out to them about future work.


BOA TV needed a site built from the ground up with some specific requirements. Together, BOA TV and I, planned out the site with BOA TV providing me a design and some mockups they would like the site to look similar too. I planned out the site using my own design knowledge and chose to include critical features for this type of website, these being a contact form and YouTube & Vimeo video player integration.

With the basics down of how the client wanted the site to look and what they wanted, I worked on creating wireframes and mood boards for the final design. After this, the final concept was born. A clean, clear site with easy to use navigation and a solid responsive design that would accommodate for YouTube and Vimeo player support along with added extras like background video players for the homepage and client sliders to show off their brand expertise.


BOA TV recently went through a re-branding stage where they took all their previous branding, pushed it to the side and started fresh. They have taken their social media accounts to new levels using quality content and they wanted their new brand identity to be incorporated and represented in their new site.

When building their new site we kept all the aspects of their new branding in mind. BOA TV's new branding has taken a cleaner, more minimalistic & professional approach, so I designed the site in the same way. I took inspiration from the dark grays and light whites they used as well as their signature colour, azure, to build their site.

BOA TV Logo Design
BOA TV Identity - Rewinded


When it comes down to the design of a website I always like to plan out a colour pallet that works well with their branding and I aim to use colours that convey the same values as the brand does. With BOA TV they had already asked me to include a lot of colour contrast to highlight important aspects, like text, as well as their accent colour of azure. However, I chose to use a charcoal colour along with a white colour to create the contrast they were looking for while keeping the colour pallet clean and sophisticated.

  • Charcoal

    RGB: #D42326

  • Azure

    RGB: #007FFF

  • White



With BOA TV's website, I was asked to conduct a questionnaire which polled the primary target audience and the secondary target audience to find out information such as what platform they were most likely to view the site on, what they would like to see, what colour pallet they would prefer along with how the visual content should be displayed. The results from this questionnaire were then added to the development process and certain aspects were amended to fit with the feedback received.

BOA TV wanted their site to be a digital showcase of their incredible work and wanted thier content to take full reign. So I achieved this by developing the desktop site to use all the space available in a modern and professional fashion. I took the desktop site and made sure that it was scalable and responsive while looking stunning on the desktop platform and screen size.

BOA TV Desktop Preview - Rewinded


Having a website that is mobile friendly is crucial at this time of the internet. With over 85% of BOA TV's audience being on mobile platforms I ensured the site was fully flexible and designed to work and look just as stunning on smaller mobile screens as it does on desktops.

With the site being fully compatible and flexible with all devices it has allowed BOA TV to pull more creators, consumers and clients to the platform due to the professional vibe having a good looking mobile site portrays.

BOA TV Landscape Mobile Preview - Rewinded
BOA TV Mobile Preview - Rewinded


Designing BOA TV's new site was a pleasure. The team over at BOA TV were very open to new ideas and design choices and listened to my advice which resulted in a fantastic designing experience!

  • Music Content - BOA TV - Rewinded
  • Contact Us - BOA TV - Rewinded


Development was also done in a timely manner. BOA TV had a specific deadline that the site needed to be up and running by so I ensured I had the website developed and up and running before the date. I also now help them maintain and run the site to ensure a good experience for them.

BOA TV - Rewinded
Liam / Director, BOA TV

Adam delivered an outstanding end-to-end website design service. We showed him the style we were going for and he made every effort to ensure it was just what we were looking for. I would recommend Adam to anyone looking for a new website made by someone who is a pleasure to work with and goes above and beyond to deliver!

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