Project Brief

ASIAT is a fashion and lifestyle blog, run by a university student named Emma. She approached me with the concept for her blog which was to create content that would target a specific niche that she is very passionate about. The brief was to create a modern, clean and professional blog that could be a sustainable platform to build a community and grow an audience as the blog itself develops. The site needed to work seamlessly on all platforms and devices, while keeping the content eye catching and attractive to readers.


ASIAT needed a platform that was unique to them, that would be custom built to accommodate their needs. During the concept stage of development, I planned to include a custom comments section, contact form, sharing functionality, administrator dashboards and much more. The concept was to build a clean, modern website that would be scalable long into the future of the blog, allowing Emma to grow the business with minimal effort on the web aspect of the blog.

After creating mock-ups and designs, Emma chose a design she liked and I set about taking the concept and turning it into reality.


After talking with Emma she told us that she was stuck on a logo design and brand identity. She wanted something modern and fitting with the niche she was passionate about while keeping her branding above the rest, making her stand out from the crowd. Emma also runs a successful Instagram account that we wanted to represent through her branding.

I took the design language that Emma liked and requested for the site design and designed a logo that fits with all aspects of her new branding. This logo needed to be simple but detailed while standing out from competitors. As I designed & developed the website, this allowed me to really integrate the two together, giving ASIAT's branding a more polished feel.

ASIAT Logo Design
ASIAT Identity - Rewinded


Colour is a huge part of branding and can make or break the first impression your brand gives to clients or customers, as well as possibly portraying the wrong connotations. With the colour for ASIAT, I was asked to keep the design minimal and simplistic, while ensuring the content had great typography and readability, hence the use of charcoal and white.

  • Charcoal

    RGB: #D42326

  • White



With ASIAT I built a solid blogging platform for Emma that was designed to use the space that the desktop platform provides efficiently. The desktop screen real estate allowed me to creatively highlight the latest three blog posts for maximum exposure. This is used as the main header and is the first point of content, allowing readers to get straight to the content they are visiting for.

I also opted to include the menu navigation bar at the top of the browser window. I did this to allow for more of a minimalistic feel to the design by including more white space, while allowing the focus to be drawn to the content first and the navigation second.

ASIAT Desktop Preview - Rewinded


With the mobile design I took the same approach to the functionality & design as I did with the desktop design. I wanted to maximize the focus on the content while making the design simple and easy to navigate around. The navigation is easily accessible but tucked away using a left hand pull out menu that can be toggled using the three lines in the upper left corner.

The content dynamically fits any screen size for an optimal content consumption experience no matter the device or platform.

ASIAT Landscape Mobile Preview - Rewinded
ASIAT Mobile Preview - Rewinded


The design of the site was focused on highlighting the relevant content while making the site feel spacious and welcoming for readers.

  • Contact - ASIAT - Rewinded
  • About - ASIAT - Rewinded
  • Lifestyle - ASIAT - Rewinded
  • Store - ASIAT - Rewinded


The site was developed using a complex database system that allows for the growth of the site along with other custom features like the included custom comment section.

ASIAT - Rewinded
Emma / Founder, ASIAT

I got in contact with Adam via email, asking the question if he would be able to help with my blog. From start to finish Adam has provided a quality service that shows through the design and feel of our new site. I would recommend Rewinded and their services to anyone who is need of a quality website. Thank you!

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