Adam Redfern

Hello! My name is Adam Redfern. Digital media has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember and everywhere I go I have a camera and laptop by my side.

I have had a strong love for the craft of creative digital media from a very young age. My first camera was brought for me when I was only 10 years old and it was an Olympus FE-340 8MP camera. This was my first experience into the digital world, leading me to discover the internet, website, logo's, digital art, branding, photography and film. From here I upgraded my camera and brought myself my first laptop. And now... here I am.

I studied media at many different levels in school, leading me to graduate with a BTEC Level 2 Extended Diploma in Creative Digital Media Production. I am now studying at college to further my education and achieve a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Digital Media. Not to mention all the time spent self educating and learning new things! While in full time education I worked as a freelancer for 5 years and developed a great understanding for the industry. Now I run my own business & I've had the pleasure of working with incredible people helping them with their projects. Leading me to say with pride ...

Welcome to Rewinded.
- Adam Redfern, Founder of Rewinded

Brands I Have
Worked With

Birmingham Nightclub & Bar
Yewtree Services
Gardening Services
Birmingham Film Company
Fashion & Lifestyle Blog
Wise Move 4U
Esate Agents & Management
SSS Telecom
SIM Card Distributor
Lichfield & District Organists' Association
Organist Group

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